Christmas ’17-October ’18

There were 10 quite fruitful months for my collection. I got the 2017 versions of Prince Florian (Snow White’s prince) and John Smith;

I think Florian’s ’17 face sculpt looks like a cross between David Duchovny and Sebastian Stan (although of course the camera would choose an important closeup to blur on!).
In John’s ’17 sculpt, I see a little bit of Chris Hemsworth, albeit a very cartoony version of him. (As of September 2019, I’m also seeing a bit of John Paul Jones from The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.)

3 carded Barbie outfits (all of which are in very redhead-friendly colors!);

2 Barbie clones from Dollar Tree, whose dresses I harvested for Elena and Aurora;

these adorable figures (actually bath toys) of the Seven Dwarfs;

4 Monster High dolls-Scaris Jinafire Long and Draculaura and the Scaris and Scarnival versions of Skelita Calaveras;

a DS Prince Naveen from roughly 2015;


and several plushies-Family Guy‘s Brian, Spring Fair Samson (the horse from Sleeping Beauty), Khan (Mulan’s horse), and a Porg from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

My aunt in Florida got me a 28-inch Pete the Cat plush and some Disney pin memorabilia-pins of Belle reading, human Ariel, Rapunzel wielding her hair, Merida with her bow and arrow, Anna in her coronation dress, Elsa conjuring a snowflake, Black Widow, and Loki; plus a Disney Princess-themed lanyard and 2 Disney Princess-themed pin pouches.

Elsa and Anna went on a sleigh ride when it snowed.

Skelita’s all grown up-according to her bio from the 2012 Scaris box, she was 15; and according to her, her birthday’s October 23; so she turned 21-and she seems to have a thing for Jack. Wouldn’t they make a cute couple?

Mulan and Khan were reunited. Samson was technically Phillip’s horse in the movie, but he seems to have traded him in for Aurora-it happened in a Disney Princess magazine activity, and it’s happening here.

Just before Toys R Us started their going-out-of-business sales, I stopped by my closest location and bought a large Disney Princess tote bag (which I’m now using to store my DS crew), a Barbie Pink Passport 4-outfit pack, and a Barbie 8-outfit pack.

I also went on their website that evening and bought their exclusive Raquelle version of the 28″ Barbie Best Fashion Friend doll. She’s the same height as Pete!

Here some of the princesses are showing off some of the outfits from the 8-pack. Rapunzel, Ella, and Belle wanted new outfits too, so they shopped some of the Barbie outfits I already had.

Mattel has made dolls and outfits from KuuKuu Harajuku, a cartoon based on Gwen Stefani’s famous Harajuku Girls backup dancers. I ordered G (the Harajuku/cartoon equivalent of Gwen herself, although not actually voiced by her) and the Butterfly Blooms, Rainbow Unicorn, and Pink Cupcake outfits directly from Mattel during a sale. As soon as Gwen and her clothes arrived, she decided that the llama charm from Pink Cupcake was perfect for her hairbow. During TRU’s final days I was able to pick up the Super Strawberry outfit at 80% off!

For Easter, through a combination of Easter magic and eBay magic, I got the Alice doll from Disney Store’s Alice Through the Looking Glass Film Collection line! She’s gorgeous and her outfit’s amazingly detailed (especially her green boots), but she was itching to get out of those balloon pants! For her first modern look I kept her jacket, but added a strapless red dress from one of the Target-exclusive Barbie Basics Red dolls and platform shoes from Galoob’s Spice Girls Geri, a doll I’ve had since childhood.

I bought the corresponding Tarrant/Mad Hatter in June, but didn’t get a chance to debox him until I had to run inside to escape mosquitoes during my uncle’s 4th of July barbecue. More about Tarrant in my An Engagement! post.

Tiana has a grill now! It came with a little weiner dog-Tiana named her Beignet, after the chef’s favorite dessert.

I got a new camera in June! It’s a bright purple Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS, ordered from Walmart. I also got a nice softside case for it from Target-a hot pink Bower Dazzle bag.

I got the 2017 version of Hasbro Pocahontas, mainly for her highly movie-accurate necklace (which has gone to my DS Poca) and a little bit for her belt and boots (which will most likely follow the necklace at some point). I think the Hasbro girl looks a bit like Joanna Gaines.

Over the summer I acquired all of the late ’90s and early 2000s Children’s Collector Series Barbies except Little Bo Peep and took pictures of my Disney Princesses wearing the CCS outfits and standing against the CCS backgrounds.

Here’s Rapunzel (with Pascal, of course) (the CCS doll came with a gold steeple hat, which Rapunzel refused to wear),

Ella (who didn’t really use any CCS accessories-the necklace is a permanent choker, the glass slippers were too easy to lose, and the crown was kind of ugly),


Snow (with Grumpy and Dopey),

and Belle (with Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip).

My aunt in Florida found a few male Disney Store dolls from approximately 2011-Aladdin, Flynn, and Prince Adam (in human form rather than Beast form)-on Facebook in July, bought them, and sent them to me in August. I already have a Mattel Flynn I really like, so DS Flynn will be renamed Zach (as an homage to Flynn’s voice actor, Zachary Levi) and will most likely become a possible love interest for Merida.


The Belle modeling the CCS outfit is the 2013 version. I got her from eBay because I thought her high-color face would be well-suited to my more glamorous Barbie outfits, with the intention that my soft-color Belle from 2015 would wear the more casual ones. However, I love high-color dolls so much that I currently (as of November 2019) think 2013’s going to become my primary Belle!

I bought a lot of Barbie outfits from Amazon (photos 4-7) as well as from my local supermarket (photos 1-3 and 8).

The pink-and-orange gown will be Alice’s wedding dress, and Elsa will probably wear the royal blue star-print high-low dress in her role as officiant. (Note: as of July 2019, I have no idea when the wedding will actually happen. Their preferred location sustained some damage from a bunch of tornadoes that all hit in one night.) Rapunzel and Snow looked great in the Hello Kitty and Chococat dresses.


I thought Aladdin would look good in the Ken outfit, since the red plaid shirt would match his fez, but the shirt was the only part that even remotely fit his larger 2011 body, and even it only fastened halfway. Jasmine doesn’t seem to mind, though.

My next post will feature my birthday gifts, as well as last month’s auction winnings and the resulting body swaps.

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