In the months since National Princess Week ended, I got a new job in my local library system, which I’m enjoying immensely. It’s also been a very good few months for my collection. Since I haven’t posted in a while, I’m going to try to make one big extravaganza post of what I’ve acquired over the past few months.

In May I added two more princesses to my Disney Store Classic collection: a 2016 Pocahontas and the last 2015 Aurora my DS home base had. Of the ladies, this makes two left for me to get-Snow White and Cinderella. I won’t be buying them directly from DS, though; mostly because I want specific versions of them (2012 Snow and 2015 live-action Ella), which have long since been discontinued, and partly because in the newest round of reissues DS has taken a major step back (IMO) in leg articulation, going from the classic click-knee legs to flat-footed click-knees. Judging from everything I’ve seen, the men remain unchanged from last year.

The wire in Poca’s left leg has torn a small hole in her vinyl skin. This impairs her movement a bit, as I’m afraid that her leg will completely tear if I bend it too far. It’s not a huge deal, and it won’t significantly impair her movement or her photo potential-I just have to make sure that she doesn’t kneel too far and that in any walking/running poses, her bad leg is the forward leg and/or supported well enough (as here-the rock she’s climbing is actually a decorative stone bordering the walkway to my front porch!) that it can be the back leg without bending all the way.

Here’s Aurora (sorry for the glare on her right-the photo’s left-eye!) next to a DS Aurora bank (with the addition of a butterly sticker on the bank’s skirt-kid me thought she could use a little more color) that I’ve had since childhood (since I was 4, maybe?). As I remember it, I really wanted a Belle (my favorite Disney Princess) bank, but she was sold out and the only princess banks left for sale were Cinderella and Aurora. I chose Aurora basically for aesthetic purposes-her eyes are my favorite color (purple) and her dress is often (and in most merch, including doll and bank) shown in my second favorite color (pink).

The bank’s more movie-accurate (again, other than the butterfly sticker) but I think the doll’s prettier. What do you think?

In my basement, I found Meeko and Percy toys in 1/6 scale, to go along with the Flit that DS included with Poca. Here are the ladies, in more modern interpretations of the outfits they came in, and the pets.

On Aurora: My Scene Fab Faces Kennedy dress, original jewelry, Barbie Fashionistas sandals of unknown origin. On Poca (whose face and torso look darker than they are due to flash): My Design Scene dress and boots.

In June I started adding men to my DS Classic collection, in the form of the noble Captain Li Shang.

What I never expected was that Shang was by far the hardest debox job of any DS Classic doll I’ve bought so far. It was so bad I sliced my finger while extricating him-I’m not gonna show you the actual cut, but I will show you (a blurry pic of) the Barbie Band-Aid I put on it.


One thing I did appreciate about deboxing Shang was that his molded hair was held in place by this neat little plastic piece. I understand that the piece for rooted hair, and especially long rooted hair, won’t be this streamlined, but it’d still be a better way to secure the ladies’ hair than those awful T-shaped SwifTachers through the head.


When he was finally deboxed,


I gave Mulan a chance to greet him. It started out with the traditional Chinese bow…


…and then, fittingly enough for soldiers, morphed into the half-handshake/half-hug.


I caught an interesting conversation between them.

Mulan: So, are you ready to meet the rest of the gang? Shang: Why not? They can’t be any scarier than your grandma. Blogger’s note: Grandmother Fa is not in my collection-DS may have once made a bean bag of her, but I never saw it if they did.

Last month my local Kroger had quite a bit of their Barbie items discounted. I was able to snag the 2016 Barbie 2-outfit pack with the silver/black minidress and the gold glitter cutout top/black leather-look (actually satiny) skirt at the lower price. Here are my favorite LITD cast member (Raquelle, who added sexy high-heeled gladiator sandals of unknown origin) and one of my favorite Disney Princesses (Mulan) modeling the pack.

Walgreens had a huge sale around Labor Day, during which Ever After High’s beautiful Enchanted Picnic Raven Queen had her price dropped from roughly $17 to just $5.99. How could I resist? She can look a bit pouty, but her expression can easily change with the right lighting and the right angles of her head and the camera.

Her two-toned hair is gorgeous, shiny, and silky…


… and her hands are so graceful!


One day at work I was looking for debris in books and found that someone had used a James Patterson doorstop as a leaf press last fall, so I brought the leaves home to use in a photo with Raven. It was raining off and on that day, and she decided that the perfect light for the leaves photo fell during a sunshower-rain and sun at the same time. Since I don’t yet have any clothes to fit an EAH doll, I improvised a protective measure for her dress by putting down a piece of Saran wrap on the grass and the leaves on the Saran wrap before she laid down on the leaves.


That night I let her poke around in my iTunes. She seems to like bands with prominent frontwomen-Garbage, Halestorm, etc.-and she even agreed to do a bit of a Lzzy (pronounced “Lizzy,” for anyone who’s never heard of Halestorm) Hale impression for you.

(yells slightly to be heard over Raven’s full-throated rendition of “I Miss the Misery”) She’s copying a pose that Lzzy Hale actually did in a photo shoot!