National Princess Week-Conclusion

Unforeseen circumstances made yesterday incredibly busy, so I’ve had to postpone this conclusion post until today. Here’s a group shot of my DS princesses.

With 9 ladies in the shot, I don’t have room for the fashion credits in this caption-I’m putting them below the picture. All the dresses are from Barbie Basics Collection 001 dolls.

On Elsa: Dress: 011. Shoes: Barbie Basics Look 001, Collection 001 accessory pack.

On Rapunzel: Dress: 002. Boots: Barbie Basics Look 001, Collection 001 accessory pack.

On Jasmine: Dress: 010. Sandals: unknown Barbie.

On Belle: Dress: 012. Sandals: unknown Barbie.

On Tiana: Dress: 009. Purse: Kenya Fashion Madness. Shoes: unknown Barbie.

On Mulan: Dress: 008. Studded double-strap Mary Janes: Barbie Basics Look 001, Collection 002 accessory pack.

On Merida: Dress: 001. Boots: Funville Sparkle Girlz.

On Anna: Dress: 006. Sandals: Galoob Spice Girls On Tour Victoria/Posh.

On Ariel: Dress: 005. Sandals: Kenya Fashion Madness Shimmer Fun Denise.

With the fashion credits done, now we move on to the credits for the artwork I’ve used throughout this post series. All artwork and movie stills were found on Google Images, and I’ve taken care to provide links to their specific sites whenever possible.

Belle artwork: Disney, found on a box of Disney Princess Band-Aids, photo of box taken by me.

Ariel artwork:,

Mulan movie still:

Mulan/Mushu/Cri-Kee artwork:

Merida artwork source:, originally from

Elsa and Anna artwork: Disney, found on

Rapunzel artwork:

Anna/Rapunzel comparison:….0…1ac.1.64.img..0.2.160.Nn4lAIDTxjE#tbm=isch&q=rapunzel+and+anna&imgrc=_, 2nd row of results

Tiana artwork:

Jasmine artwork:


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