Disney Store Classic Tiana Review

I recently bought the Classic doll of Tiana from the Disney Store (as well as Jasmine-I’ve been wanting to get these two ladies for my Disney Princess collection for a while. I wanted to pick them out in person, because they can be a little difficult to get just right, and it was hard to find time to go because my nearest Disney Store is about an hour away from my house), and since then I’ve noticed that (as far as Google can show me) no bloggers have done a written review of Tiana yet-there’ve been several YouTube reviews of her, but none written out. I’m terrified because I’ve never written a full-on doll review, but it looks like I’ll have to be the first to do it.

Here she is as I picked her up from the DS shelf:


The left side of the box:


And the right:


The back shows a movie illustration of Tiana just before she kisses Naveen in his frog form (who will heretofore be referred to as Froggy Naveen in this review).


The box’s top left corner has this line drawing of Froggy Naveen.


The middle of the right side features this illustration of Tiana’s restaurant.


And here she is deboxed!


A close-up


Comparison to the box back. They really captured her expression-a smirk and a side-eye.


A close-up of Froggy Naveen.


I got several dolls and outfits for my birthday a few months ago, including a Mattel-made Tiana outfit pack from 2011. Here’s my new Tiana in her waitress uniform (with shoes borrowed from a 1979 Pretty Changes Barbie outfit I found at a flea market a year or 2 ago).


And here she is in her green-and-white dress (Is it her wedding dress? I’ve seen bits and pieces of the movie, but never the whole thing-if anyone can answer that for me, please let me know).


Finally, I decided to revamp Tiana a little bit. I let her hair out of its bun, evened out the curls by winding them around the front piece (the purple part) of this pair of nail clippers (I normally use them to cut the little plastic T-shaped swif-tacher things on dolls)


and put her in this dress from a selection of Fashion Madness Kenya outfits that I also got for my birthday.


So there it is, my first-ever doll review. I hope you enjoyed it!




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