Birthday Mini Post

I’ve been compiling photos and planning posts over the past 3 months. I can’t post any of them at the moment since my camera’s down, but I think you’ll really like them when I do. In the meantime I wanted to do a little something today in honor of Barbie’s birthday.

Here’s a video showing how interchangeable Barbie clothes are between the original Barbie and the three new body types ( and a photo of one of my favorite Barbies, 1st edition Generation Girl Barbie with the controversial ankle tattoo, who I use on this blog to represent Barbie the character.

Optimized-Barbie and Summer
She’s too popular for me to find a photo of her alone, so here she is with Summer. Maybe they’ll head for a girls’ birthday lunch dressed like this?



Burgundy Christmas
I’ve also added this Christmas-themed photo, which I found a long time ago on the In The Pink message board, because I love this burgundy dress. I don’t remember which of ITP’s many members took this photo, but I think they originally posted it around Christmas 2014. To the ITP poster: your photo is beautiful. If you find this blog, please feel free to introduce yourself and get in touch with me!