Arendelle Comes to Dayton

Sorry to go AWOL! Between a really busy semester and way too many photos to choose from, this post was a long time in making. Here goes!

I bought the Disney Store classic dolls of Anna and Elsa while I was in Atlanta.

I don’t know if you can tell from this photo (probably not, based on where her hand is), but Anna’s left hip is turned just a bit too far in-not right, but not bad enough to seriously impair her posability.



The back doors of my mom’s car have a small well that the girls were able to put their legs in, which enabled them to sit on the door ledge for the ride back.


When we all got back home to Dayton, Anna and Elsa were greeted not only by Olaf, but also by Guillermo Flatto.DSCN1017


Anna: Hi, guys! Kristoff’s traveling around the world and doesn’t know when he’ll be able to get to Dayton, so we’re on a break for now. He wanted me to tell you he says hi and doesn’t want you to worry about him.



These girls are amazing to dress! I have way more photos of them, and I might share some in later posts.

I was inspired by Frozen Fever to do my own version of Anna’s birthday on the first day of summer.

Happy birthday, Anna! Being made out of snow, I don’t have any money, so Elsa took me shopping. I thought this purse was perfect for you!
Olaf: I’m also giving you a warm hug, of course! Anna: Olaf, I love them both! Thank you so much!


Happy birthday, Anna! I made you an ice necklace and it somehow turned into diamonds.
Go ahead, put it on!
Anna: Thanks, Elsa! How’d you know? Elsa: Hey, you’re my sister-I always know!
Anna with her gifts. “This birthday’s been amazing!”

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