Partial Birthday Gift Post

My birthday fell during my long hiatus, so I’d like to show you some of the stuff I got.

I’ve really gotten into Arrested Development, and my mom and cousin were generous with the loot. Between them, I got seasons 1 and 2, a magnet (photo to come later), and a couple t-shirts, including this one with all the Bluth chicken dances!

Chicken Dance Shirt

My aunt from Florida got me a few more Disney princesses-Belle, Ariel, and Mulan. It looks like Disney’s switching back to the click-knee legs, probably due to problems with the articulated-ankle legs (like my Anna’s turned-in hip and the many problems the Toy Box Philosopher has cited on her blog). Mulan was the first to get a new outfit-she hated her original dress, and Belle and Ariel have other shoots to do first. I’m also acquiring a Barbie-scale tree, so I’m planning a holiday post featuring the tree and the princesses in their holiday finery.

Looks like Ariel stopped in the waters of Tortuga and got mixed up with Captain Jack!
Belle discovers Stephen King. Oh, hi, Cogsworth!
Nobody does casual-but-elegant better than Mulan.

Probably the best gift I got was Star Trek reboot Kirk Ken. The resemblance to Chris Pine is amazing!


Raquelle pounced, of course.

They’re now in an on-and-off relationship. Here they are at Thanksgiving.


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