Brief Update

Finally, a time when nobody’s sick (for some reason there’s a virus floating around Dayton), everybody’s out of the house, and I can update in peace!

I had my Jeopardy! audition in Atlanta earlier this month. There were about 50 people auditioning, and we got split into two groups of 25. I don’t know about the other group, but everyone in my group passed the written test, which means we’re all in the contestant pool. We stay in the pool for 18 months and could get selected to go to LA for taping at any time during the 18 months.

We did some shopping at the Perimeter Mall while we were in Atlanta. Mom and I stopped at the Disney Store, because you’re never too old for Disney! I bought the classic dolls of Anna and Elsa from Frozen, and since the Toy Box Philosopher said that her Anna’s hair was sparsely rooted and I wanted to try to avoid that fate, I took way too long examining each doll to make sure I got the ones with the best (read: thickest) hair. It worked, though! Actually, it may have worked a little too well-Elsa’s hair basically goes down to her knees if you take it out of the braid, so between the length and thickness, she went the other way and has too much hair! I love these dolls-their hair’s great, they’re highly articulated (even at the ankles!), they look great in pretty much anything and I’ve had a lot of fun bringing them into present day.

Right now I have way too many post ideas to keep track of. I think Anna and Elsa will probably be my next post, but I think I need a little time to decide for sure.