Guillermo Flatto

As I write this, Jimmy Kimmel’s last show from Austin, TX, home of the South by Southwest festival, is airing. During the course of the week, he encouraged his viewers to participate in Guillermo Flatto, or Flat Guillermo. Flat Guillermo is very similar to the elementary school Flat Stanley tradition. In this case, viewers would download Flat Guillermo from the Kimmel website (you can find him here:, take pictures of him in random locations, and post them with the hashtag #GuillermoinAustin. I couldn’t make it to Austin and I don’t have Twitter or Instagram, but I still wanted to join in the fun. And then my parents got involved…

Here’s Guillermo in the first location I chose: my mom’s purse.


When Mom found him, she put him in my Emu boot. I don’t have a photo of that, though.

We already have a weird doll/decoration/meme-without-an-Internet-home in our house: a Madame Alexander Mickey Mouse mini doll we named “Timmy” and attached to our ceiling fan with a cord tied, bungee-style, to his mouse tail. Mom and I decided to let Guillermo do a tandem jump with Timmy.


My ladies were still in their St. Paddy’s finery Wednesday night, so of course Guillermo had to join the party.


Midge was the first to take a shine to their visitor,


and then Raquelle decided to get in on the action.


After Guillermo left the ladies, he then got to lurk at the back of the stage during a “Weird Al” Yankovic miniconcert,


an honor that Skipper would also get Thursday.


Thursday night, and now it’s back to the ladies. Raquelle decided to show Guillermo a night on the town, and ended up taking him either tango- or line-dancing.


Dancing can wear a guy out, so Guillermo took a breather with Petra, my Russian personal shopper nutcracker.


Somewhere along the way, the breather must have turned into some sort of drinking game involving strong vodka, because I went into the kitchen Friday morning to find Guillermo passed out on my fridge and guarded by a German shepherd (a magnet, of course) sitting on his chest.


So Dayton turned out to be just as eventful for Guillermo as Austin!

SXSW and Kimmel in Austin may be over, but would you like to do some Guillermo Flatto-ing of your own? If you do, tell me about it in the comments section!


St. Patrick’s Day Glam

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us once again, and Summer, Raquelle, and Midge are more than ready to hit a pub and get some green beer!

The Wearin' O' the GreenRaquelle: Make that FREE green beer!

The top, pants and shrug from Charm Girls/Secret Spells Kayla ( suit Summer’s athleticism perfectly.

St. Paddy's Day Summer

Her shoes (from a shoe pack my mom got as a free gift after making an Amazon order; the pack is still available on Amazon for $1.82: look like vines (too bad they’re not shamrocks!) that formed themselves around her feet and up her calves.

Summer: Check these babies out!Summer's ShoeSummer's Shoe with Flash


Raquelle goes for glam in a green dress from a 10-dress pack billed as “dresses that dazzle!” (This isn’t the pack I own, but it’s similar: that I’ve owned since approximately 2003. Ever the diva, she pairs it with sexy boots from DC Comics’ Poison Ivy (

St. Paddy's Day Raquelle

Midge’s retro sensibilities led her to this sleek green sweater, skirt and purse from Kari Michell (sometimes known as Kari Mitchell), a clone doll I found at Big Lots and got for Christmas (if you follow this link, the green set is the fourth photo shown: Neon green high heels keep retro chic from crossing over to drab.

St. Paddy's Day Midge

I think Raquelle was right earlier-any pub these ladies walk into tonight, guys should be buying their green beer for them!

May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Notes: These dolls have been identified in my previous post, “Barbie and Time.” No, Summer isn’t standing on another doll-she’s displaying her shoe by propping her foot on The Barbie Chronicles, a collection of essays compiled by Yona Zeldis McDonough in 1999 in honor of Barbie’s 40th anniversary.

Barbie and Time

This Monday was the 56th anniversary of the Barbie doll’s original release. Since Barbie sales have been slumping over the past few years, an article predicting that due to our changing ideas of beauty, Barbie is no longer relevant and will soon be on her way out of the doll aisle (approximately the umpteen thousandth one, according to my very unscientific calculations) published by Time ( has reappeared on In The Pink, a Barbie message board I lurk on but have never officially joined. Many media outlets have already anointed Lammily, the fashion doll made with the proportions of the average American woman, Barbie’s successor, and Time appears to be going down the same road.

A message for Time: I call bovine scatology of the highest order. While Lammily may be tailor-made for the current cultural shift, so far she doesn’t offer much in the way of aspirational play beyond her average figure, girl-next-door vibe, and cultural relevance. Introducing career costumes for Lammily the way Barbie has tackled over 135 careers would go a long way here, but given that she’s the product of a brand-new startup, I don’t see that happening soon. It’s true that Mattel is currently stuck in a rut-I believe the rut is because they’re focusing on their youngest customer demographic, 3-6 year olds, and cranking out what that demographic wants: blonde hair, blue eyes, minimal articulation, princess and/or fairy and/or mermaid and/or mythical or delicate creature fill-in-the-blank, doused in pink and glitter, and most with molded-on bodices to satisfy prudish moms-but if enough fans complain, they can reverse that rut for much less time and money than Lammily’s manufacturers can start making career costumes for her.

Here’s a photo of Barbie and her friends in their finest blacks. Do they look like they’re going away soon or quietly?


For those of you who are interested, here’s identification for these dolls, left to right: Summer-Fashionistas In the Spotlight Summer, Barbie-Generation Girl Barbie 1st edition with the ankle tattoo, Raquelle-LITD Raquelle, Midge-redhead Pretty in Plaid Barbie (she looks more like Midge to me than any of the Midges I got as a kid), Nikki-Fashionistas Glitter Wave Nikki, Teresa-Glam ‘n Groom Teresa.