Life in the Dreamhouse

I only discovered the animated Web series Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse last year, but I love it! LITD uses CGI animation and can be seen on YouTube and on According to Wikipedia, it started on May 11, 2012, and season six premiered on Valentine’s Day of this year. The writing is very clever and self-referential, with Barbie and friends being aware of and making fun of their status as dolls and mixing their own dollhouse props with human objects. One particular running joke that caught traction among the show’s fanbase is the renaming of Barbie’s car muffler as a “schlond poofa” (sounds very Ikea-esque, doesn’t it?) and its tendency to pop up at random. While Barbie is just as perky and sweet as you’d expect, her sisters (tech-obsessed Skipper, athletic Stacie, and animal lover Chelsea) are wonderfully snarky and her friends (perfect boyfriend/absentminded inventor Ken, chatty/mildly ditzy Teresa, outspoken fashion blogger Nikki [she shares my name but not my appearance or personality], quirky time traveler Midge, and hypercompetitive athlete Summer) feel like people I knew in high school. My favorite character is Raquelle, Barbie’s frenemy and a rich, spoiled diva who always tries (and fails) to outdo Barbie and steal Ken. I don’t have a whole lot of LITD merchandise, but I do have last year’s Raquelle doll and Toys ‘R Us exclusive 6-fashion pack. Raquelle plans to take over the blog soon, so see you then!
UPDATE: I wasn’t aware of this when I posted Tuesday, but as of now, McDonald’s is offering eight LITD toys (children’s accessories and mini dolls of Barbie, Teresa, Nikki and Raquelle) and eight new Hot Wheels. If you have any of the four dolls mentioned above and either you or they want their mini counterpart, most McDonald’s locations sell the toys on their own for around $1-3, depending on the area you live in.
UPDATE, 9-13-14: I went to every McDonald’s in my area multiple times while they had the LITD toys last month and ended up with two of the mini dolls: Teresa and my fave, Raquelle! Mini Raquelle will feature when her normal-sized counterpart takes over, and I’m also considering doing a post focusing on the two mini dolls.