Hi and welcome to Dayton Dolls! My name is Nikki and I’m a twentysomething college student from Dayton, Ohio.

As the name might suggest, this blog will mostly focus on my doll collection, which includes over two hundred Barbie dolls, plus several American Girls and porcelain dolls. However, if a particular book/movie/TV show/song (hell, even something funny my dog might happen to do) crosses my radar, it also has a fairly good chance of ending up here.
Fair warning: I don’t have much of a filter, so while I’ll stick to WordPress community standards, at some point I’ll probably end up using unsavory language, showing doll nudity, or otherwise doing things that some people may not consider entirely tasteful. As I’ve seen it put on several other blogs and Websites: if you’re offended by it, don’t read it.

I’d like to give a special shoutout to a fellow doll blogger, Kayleigh at broonsbane99.blogspot.com. I’d given a lot of thought to starting this blog, and she encouraged me to go ahead and pull the trigger. Thanks Kayleigh!